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Couples Counseling

Often times we are just fine's only with our partners that we experience our biggest hurts and frustrations. And that actually makes sense. Together we learn more about this dynamic and why our partner can trigger our deepest fears or unnerve us to our core. Whether you're in...

  • a new relationship and want to learn skills to get it right, 

  • a cold, disconnected relationship steeped in loneliness, or

  • a relationship fueled by constant fighting,

...the right counseling can help.

In couples counseling, we leave your fighting and disconnection at the door. We look beneath the surface and discover what you're actually struggling with and importantly how to connect...often like you've never connected before.

"Lisa is a compassionate and straight forward therapist. From our first meeting, Lisa was able to outline a clear path that allowed us to rebuild our relationship and become reconnected. We now have a healthy, loving marriage that is continuing to evolve and deepen with Lisa’s ongoing support! Thank you, Lisa!"

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