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Kind words...

...about working with Lisa

"Lisa has an innate ability to build trust, relating to both crises and everyday issues with calm, empathy and perspective. She gets it. Her warmth and ability to inspire hope are balanced perfectly with her firm and common sense approach. She is authentic, down-to-earth and gets to the root of problems."

"Lisa is a compassionate and straight forward therapist. From our first meeting, Lisa was able to outline a clear path that allowed us to rebuild our relationship and become reconnected. We now have a healthy, loving marriage that is continuing to evolve and deepen with Lisa’s ongoing support! Thank you, Lisa!"

"Working with Lisa is a gift. Her ability to help me synthesize and connect information and derive insight and meaning is uncanny. No matter how I feel when I enter her office, whether it be sad, confused, anxious or overloaded, I always feel better and clearer when I leave. Her therapeutic talent is pure magic."

"Lisa has a unique perspective.  I was referred to Lisa by an attorney for a business issue (partnership lawsuit) as she has an MBA and a business background. She was incredibly helpful. That issue has been resolved for several years now but I still pop in to see Lisa whenever I need help with a situation in my life. She's a brilliant gem!"

"Lisa has been a treasured resource to me. She has seen me through a personal crisis, taught me a healthier way to communicate and resolve conflict and has helped me manage and overcome lifelong struggles. The combination of Lisa's down-to-earth demeanor, genuine care and empathy, and practical approach to working through life's issues makes her a truly unique and effective therapist."

"She has an innate ability to make you feel safe and I trust Lisa completely."

...about our couples intensives

"If you're going to solve a math problem, you need to learn arithmetic. If you're going to solve a relationship problem, you need to learn Imago dialog. It gets us to the heart of the matter without fighting and pointless detours and leaves us both feeling great and closer. Lisa and Michael lead a great workshop!"

"The workshop was transformational for my husband and me. We have been able to completely shift our relationship into a far more positive and promising marriage. We are both excited about the renewal of our commitment to each other and we are looking forward to many joyful years ahead!"

"Lisa and Michael are gentle, caring people who easily hold ones attention with good explanations balanced with great humor."

"I just want to say the Imago dialog concept is BRILLIANT! A couple can talk about things which really bother them about their partner with neither person getting upset. No fighting, no defensiveness -- just calmness and understanding followed by closeness. We find the dialog replaces any any tension in our relationship with fun and joy. Lisa and Michael do a great job teaching this skill."

"The process is transformational and supported growth and love in our marriage."

"I felt an even stronger desire to want to use the methods to strengthen my relationship with my kids."

"Thank you both for bringing so much light to our marriage!"

"Working with such a caring, honest and giving couple through a difficult but rewarding process truly enlightened me. Thank you!"

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